About Us

MaximoTV is a credentialed entertainment media outlet covering celebrity red carpet events for Broadcast TV in Los Angeles. Our high quality fashion b-roll footage is used in editorial entertainment news stories around the globe.
Started in 2007 and our first event was a BET Awards post-party in Hollywood where Kim Kardashian attended. We interviewed her, she did a 360 fashion spin for us, we uploaded it to youtube and in less than a week the video generated one million views at that time.
In 2009 we did the last interview of Brittany Murphy (RIP) at her movie premiere. We licensed this video to many news tv outlets around the world.
In 2010 we started focusing on video b-roll of talent arrivals than interviews as tv outlets were requesting more fashion b-roll. We provided red carpet fashion b-roll to E! Fashion Police tv show for several years.
In 2020 we started filming in 4K.
We are not paparazzi.